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The process of adopting a wikia is one where a contributor to any wikia that does not have active admins and/or bureaucrats can request administrator and bureaucrat rights. Alternately, a user who has administrator rights can request to gain bureaucrat rights as well. In both cases this allows them to "adopt" the wikia.


The Wikia adoption requests page

What are the guidelines?

The guidelines are simple! You need to be an active, good faith contributor to the wikia who has shown regular activity building the wikia over a period of at least a week (or longer). The wikia that you want to adopt needs its former administrator(s) to have been inactive for at least 60 days; you can check this by going to Special:Listadmins. There can be exceptions to this in certain cases, but generally this rule is followed. You can adopt no more than one wikia per month.

If there are other users contributing to the wikia in the last month, you should first talk to them so the entire community has a say in who the next admin should be. You can find a list of contributors at Special:ListUsers. The best way to talk to them for one or two users is a message on their walls or talk pages; for more users please start a blog or forum post. Be sure to include links to any relevant discussion(s) in the "Other information" section of your request.

You can find the rest of the guidelines to adopt and create a request on the adoption requests forum.

How do I adopt?


The Wikia adoption request form.

Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to adopting a wikia!

  1. Read over the adoption guidelines to make sure you are eligible to adopt the wikia, and the wikia is eligible to be adopted.
  2. If you are eligible, scroll down and click "Create new request."
  3. Answer the questions that appear so the staff member who reviews your request has a bit more information. If there is already a request for your wikia, simply put "My Wikia Name (2)" (or 3, or 4...) in the "Name of wikia" field.
  4. Click “submit” and your request will be online!

Once your request is made, please allow 7-10 days for a reply from a staff member. Official replies will come from a member of the Community Support Team, who will have @Wikia in their signatures.

When your request is reviewed by a staff member, it will be marked as either "on hold" or "completed." A request placed on hold means that the staff member is looking for more information or you need to do something else to meet the adoption criteria. On hold requests can be found here. Completed requests are requests that have been approved, declined for not meeting the guidelines, or closed for some other reason. Completed requests can be found here.

If you have any questions about the resolution of your completed or on hold request, please do not leave them on the request itself -- staff will not see them there. Please leave a message on the wall of the staff member who answered the request instead.

Likewise, do not "re-open" a closed request. Create a new one if you wish to re-start the adoption process.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • You do not need to adopt a wikia in order to merge it with another, larger wikia. Please see Help:Merging wikias for more information on how to merge wikias, or ask a staff member for guidance.
  • You do not need to adopt a wikia that you yourself founded. You already have admin and bureaucrat rights.
  • If you wish to adopt a wikia in a foreign language, check the "International Adoptions" section on the adoption requests forum. If your language is listed please place your request on the linked language page; otherwise you can create your request on the English adoptions page.
  • You may adopt a wikia to gain bureaucrat rights when you already have administrator rights. Make sure to discuss it with any other active admins first.
  • Adopting a wikia does not remove the rights of inactive admins.
  • Adopting a wikia does not give you a "founder" tag on your profile masthead. Only the person who created the wikia has that tag.

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